10 things you NEED for Healing After Birth – Postpartum recovery

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Your postpartum recovery & healing after vaginal birth process can be a little challenging!

Healing after child birth is something we want to be QUICK and PAINLESS!

Here are 10 things you NEED to successfully heal after birth during your postpartum recovery period.

You can access the FULL list of Postpartum Recovery Necessities for Healing After Birth RIGHT HERE

healing after birth

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  1. Disposable icepacks

    Ice, ice baby! (pun intended) Having this on hand during postpartum recovery is CRUCIAL! Ice constricts blood vessels, and in turn slows down inflammation. I go in depth on ice condoms and how helpful they can be in my Postpartum Ebook.

  2. Underpads (Chux)

    While you’re healing after birth, there may be a little bit {or a lot} of blood… yikes! Using underpads when sleeping, or resting, in bed will save your sheets a lot of distress 🙂 Underpads/chux catch and absorb blood before they can reach whatever surface your sitting/laying on!

  3. Underwear !!!

    You need postpartum recovery underwear – NOT the pretty Victoria Secret kinds!!!! These are also referred to as knit underwear. They provide effective leak protection against – you guessed it – blood and discharge.

  4. Squirt bottle

    Squirt bottles help your healing process after birth by giving you easy cleaning of a sensitive and hard to reach area. You do NOT want to be scrubbing down there after delivery. Use with LUKE WARM (not hot, not cold) water, for the most comfortable rinse.

  5. Pads

    Combining the pads+ underwear protect your clothes and sheets from bodily fluids that are inevitable during postpartum recovery. You’ll be happy to have the extra absorbing power after birth. ALSO use these in the middle stage – where you are done with mesh underwear, but not quite ready to go bare in your normal underwear.

  6. Numbing spray

    A LIFE SAVER. I’ve only ever seen this product on amazon, and it is WORTH the 2 day prime wait (but buy it before hand, to be safe). When you’re healing after birth, you want ALL the numbing power. Especially if you have torn, or had any stitches. You will probably definitely have at least one suture, and if you don’t then you’re a super woman and I want to know your birthing tricks!

  7. Witch hazel pads

    Works sort of like numbing spray, but combined WITH numbing spray and it’s a postpartum recovery GOLD MINE. Spray the numbing spray on yourself, put a witch hazel pad on your pad or mesh underwear, and relax. It really is like an AHHHHH moment. The witch hazel pads are cold which is also really soothing.

  8. Lanolin

    Aka nipple cream/butter. Doesn’t matter if you’re breast feeding or not. You will be leaking. I’ve tried them all, and this is the best one i’ve come to find yet. And it just so happens it’s the cheapest.

  9. Breast Pads

    Again, doesn’t matter if you’re breast feeding or not. Your breasts are going to leak. You can get free REUSABLE pads by going to www.breastpads.com and using code MMM100 (you do have to pay shipping, but that price varies on your location) OR you can buy good ole disposable ones.

  10. Rest

    This one is free, but hard to come by! You just birthed a human. You NEED rest. Focus on yourself, reach out to your friends family and significant other for HELP. Don’t feel the need to be superwoman and do everything alone. You already ARE superwoman for bringing a human into the world – don’t forget that!

You can access the FULL list of Postpartum Recovery Necessities for Healing After Birth RIGHT HERE

I’m sending all my healing after birth good vibes to you! I hope this postpartum recovery period is smooth and easy, and I hope I was able to be apart of that process 🙂

If you want a more in-depth directional on all things healing after birth & postpartum recovery, you can get my really cheap Postpartum ebook clicking here.

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