5 ways to save at the grocery store, without clipping coupons

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Remember what it was like to have a disposable income? …. yeah, me either. Nevertheless, shopping for a family is NOT easy, and let’s be real, couponing is a lot of work. As moms, we don’t exactly have a ton of extra time to get newspaper inserts, cut them all out, organize them, and then wait for the best time to use them. No. we need to save money NOW! Use these 5 ways to save at the grocery store without clipping coupons, to make life easier!

ways to save at the grocery store

1. Only buy BOGOs

BOGO stands for buy one, get one. Usually, I only utilize this to the extent of buy one, get one FREE. Most grocery stores have different buy one, get one free items every week. The key to being successful with this method,  is buying things when they are on sale, and stocking up on them, even if you don’t need them!  ONLY for things you actually use on the regular, though! The object is, that one day you will in fact need those items, so buying them now, will help you later. BOGOs are a huge help with that!

2. Digital Coupons to save at the grocery store

Digital coupons take away the hassle of cutting and a organizing coupons completely. Most stores are now participating in digital coupons, and it had made life so easy! As I’m at the grocery store, I open the app of whatever store I’m in, and see if any of their digital coupons coincide with their BOGO offers. Start with this!!! If you can use a digital coupon, on top of a BOGO item, you are now getting 2 of those items, for less than the price of one item. Digital coupons also help with extra savings on items that aren’t on promotions that week, if they’re available of course!

3. Off Brand Buying helps save at the grocery store

Did you know most stores make their own version of popular products? Scratch that! They make their own version of almost all products! And guess what? They are significantly cheaper than the name brand item, and taste the exact same! You’ll never taste the difference, but your wallet sure will feel the difference!

4. Plan ahead to save

Planning is a HUGE part of my grocery adventures. Going to the store, and just strolling the aisles, is NOT how to do it. Go with a plan, write down everything you need, and ONLY get those items. I go as far as checking the local ads online, and seeing what items I need first and foremost are on sale, or have a coupon. Then I check to see if any of them are BOGO. Next to the items on my list I write down what kind of sale there is on them, so I don’t get mixed up. Bonus points if you go even further and plan out your entire week of meals ahead, AND THEN plan your trip based off that.

5. Don’t give in to the deals

I know this sounds like the complete opposite of what I’m supposed to be talking about, but seriously! Sometimes they DO try to “get you” buy advertising sales that are not even sales! Shop around, see what all the items are priced at when they aren’t “on sale”. Also note that, most items that are advertised as “2 for $blank” or “4 for $blank” can be bought separately, and still count towards the sale. So instead of buying “2 for $5” you can buy one, and only spend $2.50.


You can get most of your necessary groceries SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR through Amazon Pantry. This program is my dream come true, and I cannot recommend it enough. Free shipping on eligible orders over$35 – which is VERY easy to do, when feeding a family!!

These tips vary for every grocery store. Make sure you check with your local store, on their policies!


Hope this helps you on your money-saving, grocery store journey!

IF you’re looking for suggestions for feeding your infant, you can read all about my journey feeding a 9 month old!



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