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Being a mom basically means we are busy for the rest of our lives. It also means our hands are never free again, right? WRONG. We can totally multi-task, and be efficient, as mothers.. with the right tools at hand! This is where a baby sling carrier comes in!

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baby sling carrier

Why do you need a baby sling/ carrier?

Having a baby carrier of any sort saves your life as a mom. There’s no way to describe the feeling of comforting your baby AND getting things done for your family at the same. darn. time.

There are SO MANY different instances where you can use a baby carrier. The main reason I use mine, is to be hands free. For the first couple of months as a new mom, I struggled to find a way to get things done around the house, without a crying baby, OR without waking the baby while she napped. It never occurred to me that I could wear her at home because.. it just sounded weird! I always assumed baby wearing was exclusively for out of the house fun!

I was wrong.

Who says you can’t wear your baby anywhere? NOBODY.

You’re the mom now.. so you get to make the rules 😉

While my daughter is now old enough to entertain herself, we still use the carrier for so many instances. For example, it’s a LIFESAVER when we go to Disney World! Yes strollers are great, but they only last in the stroller without fussing for so long! Going back and forth between stroller, and baby carrier, really helps our outings to be smoother and less stressful. Bonus points for having a happy baby & mama!

But aren’t those Moby wraps like so expensive?

My thoughts exactly, friends. Realistically, you could probably DIY a piece of the right fabric and make it into your own sling. I’ve actually seen hundreds of tutorials all over Pinterest! This is why I couldn’t justify spending $50 on one! I’m sure Moby has TONS of pros, and I am in no way trying to downplay them. As somebody who specializes in frugal living, I just couldn’t personally convince myself it was worth that kind of money ($50 is a lot of money when you start feeding another mouth)!

Don’t want to DIY or spend $50+?

Here’s my solution for you :

Get a baby sling carrier for free.. my treat! 🙂

Part of the reason I love blogging is that I get to help other moms. It’s the most rewarding part of my life (besides being a mom, of course)!

So, head on over to either of these two websites :

sevenbaby.com OR hotslings.com

put in the promo code : “MMM100” (it’s the same for both websites)

Then just pick your design & size, and wait impatiently by the mailbox for your free baby sling carrier 🙂

I hope you LOVE it, and enjoy having 2 free hands.. woohoo!!



—> Skip to the bottom? Get a free baby sling carrier using promo code : “MMM100” at sevenbaby.com or hotslings.com! You’re welcome 😉 <—

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