Baby Books to Read + Why story time is important!

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I remember people thinking I was CRAZY for reading to my baby at night. It fit well with our nightly bed time routine (that I was so adamant about having) and she really enjoyed hearing my voice! I loved searching for resources & baby books to read. I feel story time is SO important – from womb, to newborn, to toddler stages!

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Don’t have time to read to the end? Here’s the breakdown :

  • Buy the right types of books (material wise)
  • Get free digital books here
  • Get free hard copy books here(use code “MMM100“)
  • Your Baby Can Read is an awesome foundation for reading & grammar!

baby books to read

Don’t let anybody make you feel crazy for reading to your baby!

Studies show that children who read 20 minutes a day (which equates to around 1,800,000 words) have a better vocabulary, and overall success rate in school.

If they can’t read.. read to them!!

Your babies LOVE hearing your voice, and they are simultaneously learning (even if it may not feel that way)

Practice makes perfect, and getting them acquainted with books and reading early on, is a wonderful idea!

Here are some of my favorite ways to do so :

1. Hard Cover Books

We found hard cover books to be the clear choice for reading to and with our baby. Let’s face it – keeping things out of your babies mouths is IMPOSSIBLE. Not only is the HARD COVER important, but HARD PAGES are even more so important!

Babsy Books carries small (for small baby hands to play with) books, that also are hard cover AND hard pages. Use the code “MMM100” and receive $40 worth of books, just pay shipping!

2. Digital Books

The future is here, friends! EVERYTHING is becoming digital! While hard copy books are great, alternatives like digital are also amazing, You can access this digital library from ANY device ANYWHERE at ANY TIME. That’s ummm… amazing (!!!), and totally the definition of technological advancement, if I’ve ever heard it! When you use this link, you can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial, and cancel anytime!

If you choose not cancel, the membership is super affordable! If your child has a tablet, phone, or anything along those lines, it is definitely worth buying the membership! Wouldn’t you rather your child to be reading on that tablet, than be playing candy crush? I would!

3. Your Baby Can Read

We decided to purchase Your Baby Can Read, for a couple of different reasons. We met a little girl at a birthday part who was 20 months old, and could speak to us like she was at least a 4 year old. I had an entire conversation with her, and not just baby babble! It was structured, and grammatically amazing.

I couldn’t believe it! I asked her parents their method, and they credited everything to Your Baby Can Read curriculum. We bought it as a Christmas Present for our baby shortly after. While this isn’t a BOOK it does lay a nice foundation for your child, and beginning to read. It is a little pricey, but we LOVE it, and so does our baby!


I hope this helps you along your parenting journey! If you’re a new mom, you can read more about postpartum resources, here.



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