Best Ways to get your Baby to Sleep

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I bet you’re here because you have been wondering how to get your newborn to sleep. Trust me, I was there, too! Getting my baby to sleep and STAY asleep has been one of the things I was most proud of as a new mom! While it’s not a specific science to get your baby to sleep, these are some of the best tips out there!

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Best ways to get your baby to sleep

Let’s get to the good stuff!

Have you ever noticed how quiet (for the most part) nurseries are at the hospital? Maybe every nursery is different, but I’ve never seen a loud nursery before. This is because the nurses are setting us up for success… and we don’t even know it!

… and WORSE, we don’t follow it once we get home.


I know what you’re going to say – “my baby hates being swaddled”.

Said every single new mom that ever existed.

But one night, when you are desperate for a few hours of consecutive sleep.. you should give in, and give it a try.

We use regular old receiving blankets/ muslin blankets, like the ones below, initially. Then we add in a little something extra..

Now here’s the real juicy advice…


I know, sounds like overkill.. but it’s not! Babies prefer to sleep in something that mimics the womb. This is why they love sleeping in our arms, cuddled up. They want to feel like they are in the womb. If you swaddle your baby, and then add a swaddle sleep sac on top of the initial swaddle.

  1. They will not be able to break out (they will 100% break out of a single swaddle).AND
  2. They will feel snug like a bug in a rug – aka, mimicking the womb!

This is very similar , if not the exact same, to the swaddle sac we used. It worked perfectly because we could just take our already swaddled baby, and slide her into this one and velcro it closed, instead of doing another swaddle by hand.

Another benefit of swaddling is help with a little something called the “Moro reflex.”


This is the reflex in babies that causes them startle/jump, and often wake themselves up.

If you’ve ever spent a sufficient amount of time rocking a baby sleep, only to put them down, and wake themselves up…. then you’ll understand the importance of help with this one.

Double swaddling makes the moro reflex less noticeable to them, because they cannot jump as much.

Therefore, they can usually sleep though it, as long as they are swaddled.

No worries though, this reflex usually goes away at around the 5 month milestone.

Another important steps in getting your newborn to sleep is their environment.


I know that every single instagram influencer and blogger out there wants you to buy that Rock n Play, but don’t do it.

It gives your child the idea that they will be rocked to bed forever. I know it may seem easier right now, but you HAVE to think about your sleep long term, too.

Save yourself the trouble – teach them now they have to sleep “independently”.

This bassinet below was the one we chose. It was one of the most affordable, as well a super easy to put together AND portable.

The most important advice for getting your baby to sleep, is this…


Babies can tell when we are flustered or upset, and I promise it will definitely not making this process any easier.

Hope this helps!

Tell me your best sleep training success in the comments!



P.S. Here are some more hacks on sleep training your baby.

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