BRINGING BABY HOME – 5 Tips to survive the first weeks

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Ahhhh… motherhood. Bringing baby home is no easy task! Being a new mom can honestly be like culture shock. Your whole pregnancy, everybody is obsessed with you and that belly, and then suddenly, it’s “mom who?”

Then you’re husband and your family goes back to work, and there you are – just you and a tiny little baby – all alone.

Ummmm. WHAT? I HAVE TO BE A MOM NOW? BUT I STILL NEED MY MOM! Although I cannot promise you will ever stop needing your own mom (you won’t, ever). I can promise that these 5, not so typical, tips will help get you on your feet!

Bringing baby home doesn’t have to be hard!


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bringing baby home


I know this sounds like kind of an obvious one – but hear me out. Getting dressed does not mean putting on that same nursing gown you’ve been wearing since you got to the hospital. No – I mean really get dressed. Put on CLEAN clothes. THIS STEP IS CRUCIAL.

I can’t explain it really, but being in that night gown all day everyday made me feel so unmotivated and honestly kind of sad (night gowns ARE amazing for bedtime, though! Just don’t stay in them all day). I felt like this was it – this is my life now, I wear night gowns and feed my baby every two hours and that’s all there is to it. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

**Getting dressed postpartum, is a lot different. It’s crucial that you’re using the right undergarments. Something to add to your postpartum wardrobe is breast pads (and the right ones). Receive free breast pads, by using my special code “MMM100”. I hope this helps your morning routine! **


Okay, now you’re probably thinking – “Why is this girl telling me to do things I do every single day already?” But really y’all! They are not exaggerating when they say “EVERYTHING CHANGES WHEN YOU HAVE A BABY!”  It. Is. True. I never really saw the point in making my bed pre-baby (Not exactly proud to admit that one).

Making my bed is another crazy important part of my day now. Making my bed ensures that I do not get back in to my bed. This is something that can help you in the process of hopefully bypassing PPD! It can become SO depressing just laying in bed all day, everyday.


Of course there  is an appropriate time for this. Once you are semi-healed and cleared by your pediatrician for your little one to be safe & out of the house, do it!

Not only do they enjoy that fresh air,  but so will you! Don’t stress about getting everything done around the house, right now!

** An easy way to get out of the house, is to use a baby carrier, when toting your baby around! Baby carriers and slings can help you get keep your hands free while you are out and about, as well as keeping your baby cozy! Receive a free baby sling, by using my special code  “MMM100”. I hope this helps you get out of the house! **


I don’t just mean physicially! It is so much harder now to get in and out of the house. EVERYTHING is a process now! Making a couple of stops every time you left the house never used to be a big deal, but now it is!

Span out your activities.. Give yourself one big thing to do a day!

To make this even easier, plan out your weeks by using a planner! Having things written in plain sight keeps you motivated and on track!

Taking time for yourself is NOT overrated, and is DEFINITELY a necessity! You can read more about self-care here!


This was a HUGE  one for me y’all! When that baby comes you are going to be BOMABRDED with visitors.

Thank God for my great postpartum nurse who could see it in my sleep deprived eyes and put a sign on our door saying “NO VISITORS” Because honestly I hadn’t slept in two days straight and was going a little crazy! (How cute is this no visitors sign?)

Sometimes saying no can mean missing out on things you don’t  want to say no to. But such is life!

Routine routine routine cannot be stressed enough when it comes to bringing baby home. If saying no to that dinner with your friends, will keep your babies routine in line, then it’s totally worth it!

So dont be afraid  to tell visitors no. Tell your friends no. Tell your family no. Just don’t tell your mama no! ?

I hope this really helps with whatever you’re tackling as a new momma right now!


– Amanda

Looking for more new mom tips? Read all about tackling tummy time, here!

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