DIY Cinderella Carriage – perfect for Halloween!

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My daughter technically wore an Elsa dress, but who cares! Princess nonetheless! I am soooo excited about how this DIY Cinderella Carriage makeover came out!

Want to make a DIY Cinderella Princess Carriage Stroller?

First, start by buying theses supplies:

  1. Hula hoops (3)

  2. Crown (1)

  3. Lights (3 strands)

  4. Tulle – Blue (8 yards)

  5. Tulle – White (5 yards)

  6. Silver Spray Paint (1 can)

  7. Zip ties (at least 5)

  8. Tape (1 roll)

  9. Batteries (6 AA for us, but depends on what lights you buy of course)

It was sooooo much fun to put together, too!!

I knew there weren’t very many choices for babies first Halloween, since she can’t walk yet. So I definitely wanted to decorate the stroller in some way.

I thought I would possibly want to do a wagon at first but then realized for an 8-month-old, it’d be too bumpy, and she’s still finding her balance, so the stroller would be best.

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DIY Cinderella Carriage


  1. First thing you need to do is spray paint the hula hoops and let them dry. I got the cheap hula hoops, tore off the wrapped picture, and then removed the staple at the area of attachment. After that, they easily pull apart, and this ensures that I can get it around the stroller, and through the bottom basket area. I did attach a link for hula hoops, but could not find these exact ones. The link attached is hula hoops that detach, however.
  2. After you spray paint, open the hula hoops up and put them through the stroller. Once they are surrounding the stroller, zip tie them at the top, all together (and tight)!  This is where you will eventually bunch the tulle at the top, and surround with the crown!
  3. Then, you spiral and attach the lights around the hula hoop. Tape them in place, as well. Make sure the battery holder/on-off switch box hangs in the basket area of the stroller.
  4. After the lights are attached tightly, you can then add the tulle. We cut the (blue) tulle evenly into thirds, and then taped them to the hula hoops.
  5. After the blue tulle is attached to the hoops, you can then lay the white tulle completely over all the hoops (carriage). take the ends of the tulle, and attach/tape them the same way you did the blue tulle. THEN, with the remainder tulle (that should be at the top) bunch it all up and hold it all together with a rubber band, hair tie, zip tie, whatever works or whatever you have available!

** NOTE: We did not wrap ANYTHING (lights, tulle, etc) completely around the hoops. We only wrapped the top 3/4 (that can be seen basically) to cut down on materials and costs! There’s no need for lights and tulle, under the stroller, where it can’t be seen!**

We also brought this to Disney World for a fun accessory around the park! 🙂

EDIT: This probably won’t pass with Disney Parks new stroller regulations – read more about that, HERE!

Here’s the final result:


DIY Cinderella Carriage

Taaa Daaaa!!! There ya have it!

Your own personal DIY Cinderella Carriage Stroller!!!

I hope your Babies First Halloween, and all of your children’s Halloweens at that, are awesome!!

Bringing your baby to Disney anytime soon? Click here for some pro tips about bringing your baby to Disney World!


Spook ya later 😉

[I’m so lame…]




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