Cleaning Tile Grout Easily – with this one product

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I never in a million years believed cleaning tile grout easily would be… so easy! I always thought it was a toothbrush with bleach, or nothing. I had a friend recommend a stupid easy way to clean grout, and since then I don’t dread it anymore.

Want to clean tile grout easily?

Let’s get started! Here’s what you need:

  1. Wash clothes (that can get bleach stains)

  2. Grout cleaning brush (not 100% necessary, but helpful)

  3. Clorox Clinging Gel Bathroom Cleaner (yep, you read that right – bathroom cleaner)I usually use two bottles for my SMALL kitchen – so buy accordingly!!

You could genuinely just buy the Clorox Gel Clings, and be done. So easy.


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cleaning tile grout easily


Here’s some important things to know about cleaning tile grout easily:

  1. You should wear a mask. The scent is very strong, and when I clean with harsh products for an extended period of time, I like to wear a mask.

  2. Eye protection is important. Protect your eyes by wearing goggles or glasses of some sort.

  3. Gloves. Harsh cleaning products on your bare hands, almost never has a good outcome.

Now for the good stuff…

Take the gel clings and paint it over your grout lines. It’s not necessary to get it on the actual tile, but it definitely will not hurt it.  Let the gel clings sit for about 5 minutes. I like to do small portions at a time, because this next step is a little tedious. Take a wet washcloth and wipe up the clings.

That’s it.

I know, mind blowing.

Cleaning your tile grout has seriously NEVER been easier.

Here’s some before and afters: (left side is before, right side is after)

cleaning tile grout easily





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  • Sarah White

    Wow! The before/after transformation of your grout is incredible! I’m going to try this out on my kid’s bathroom shower tile and grout- it’s so dirty and I’ve been avoiding cleaning it for so long haha. I had my master bathroom tile cleaned a few months ago by a professional tile cleaner and they did a good job. But, I want to dry a DIY method this time around, so I’m glad I found your post! Thanks Amanda! 🙂

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