Disney World With Toddlers – Tips on bringing young children to the parks!

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Now, more than EVER, is the best time to take your toddler to Walt Disney World! If you’ve been thinking about visiting Disney World with your toddlers, you couldn’t have chosen a better time. Below are some of my very best tips on taking young children to the happiest place on Earth – Walt Disney World!


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Disney World with Toddlers


If you have an upcoming trip to Walt Disney World planned, {or are looking for a reason to plan one} you’re in the right place!

#NowMoreThanEver is the BEST time to take your toddlers to Disney World!

Listed below is our personal favorite kid-friendly park attractions.

  1. Disney Junior Dance Party @ Hollywood Studios

    Disney Junior Dance Party at Hollywood studios is at the top of our list, for more reasons than one. The first being, their epic revival of this toddler dance party! The dance party is aimed to amuse toddlers ranging from ages 2-5, and couldn’t be more fun. Enjoy interactive entertainment where your toddlers will truly be on their feet, moving, shaking, and dancing the day away.

    { H I G H L I G H T } – You may get even get chosen to help call on your favorite characters!

    One of the best things about this activity, is that you don’t have to trap your toddler on your lap waiting for the show to start. You sit on the floor, where there’s plenty of wiggle room for your little ones. Bubbles, leaves, and snow fall from the sky while you party with Doc McStuffins, Timon, Mickey and our personal favorite, Vampirina!

    Complimentary tickets provided by Walt Disney World #Hosted

  2. The Seas with Nemo & Friends @ Epcot

    If there’s one thing toddlers love, it’s animals! Fish, in this case, to be exact! Little ones love being able to get up close and personal to the fish in this walk through aquarium. Families can enjoy an engaging dolphin intelligence experience, a manatee meeting, and take a quick ride through the aquarium searching for Nemo.

    { F U N F A C T} – Did you know the entire Spaceship Earth could fit inside the aquarium?

    As a personal plus, this mom loves being able to let my toddler have a break from the stroller, while also enjoying the air conditioning. The aquarium is the perfect place to get away from the sun {or rain} while allowing your toddler some controlled freedom.

  3. Festival of the Lion King @ Animal Kingdom

    If you’re interested in a wildly talented group of people & animals performing together, look no further. This show is one of the best. While it’s not extremely interactive, our toddler loves watching the performers and listening to the music.

    { H I G H L I G H T } – Every section gets to make their own animal noise throughout the show!

    The music is truly amazing, and mimics a broadway-worthy performance, to say the least. As always, the Walt Disney World Performers are absolutely amazing!

  4. Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy @ Hollywood Studios

    As if Hollywood Studios wasn’t already at the top of our list for so many reason {Toy Story Land, Disney Junior Dance Party, and the anticipation of Star Wars, to name a few} this new attraction can just be considered icing on the cake! Join Lightning McQueen for an interactive academy where he aids you in virtual driving lessons. You and your little will be champion racers in no time!

    { H I G H L I G H T } The outdoor dance party and interactive character meet & greets will keep your little ones busy before entering the academy!

    This ride is also located right next to Rockin’ Roller Coaster, which means fun is nearby for all ages!

    Complimentary tickets provided by Walt Disney World #Hosted

Dance parties, wild festivals, dolphin chats, and virtual driving – what more could you ask for?

Now more than ever is TRULY the best time to bring your children and toddlers to Walt Disney World!

…. and it just keeps getting better!

What is YOUR favorite toddler attraction, or perk that is available in the parks? Tell me in the comments, so I can check it out at our next visit!



P.s. Looking for more Disney kids resources? Check out this guide to baby/toddler friendly rides, and Disney necessities for a day at the parks!

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