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So here I am… a girl with a dream right? This past year I am so utterly lost. But here I am – tryin’ to find my passion and what not! My little girl, Abigail was brought into this crazy mess we call “the world” this year, and that has simply just made life the best and craziest time so far — and i’m only 12 weeks in! So one day (aka multiple days, and constantly battling and going back and forth) I decided – what the heck! Start a blog they said, it will be fun, they said! Mimosa Monday mom is just that – Startin’ on a Monday, postin’ every Monday, and drinkin’ mimosas whenever I can! ( aka not just on mondays, but also not excessively bc LOL I’M A MOM NOW!) This is a place for me to open up about my life and hopefully make you feel a little less crazy about yours. So welcome to this hot mess express that is my world! First of all – let’s get one thing straight; This is NOT a place for judgement. Take that bologna to Facebook! If you feel that my opinion is different than yours, that’s cool! But you’re wrong! (Kidding of course) I value all of your opinions! My mother once told me that children do NOT come with instruction manuals and man, aint that the truth!  SO PLEASE – tell me if i’m about to like, I don’t know, unintentionally poison my child or something because I mean – that’s helpful! But do NOT make me feel like a moron. Another great quote I love is “Educate me – Do not belittle me”.


I hope you enjoy hearing about my life, and hopeful I can help a few mommas along their journey!




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