How to Not Wear Maternity Clothes While Pregnant

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You’re pregnant, and starting to show. Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “how can I avoid buying maternity clothes, OR find maternity clothes that don’t LOOK like maternity clothes”? When I was in this spot I NEEDED to figure out how to not wear maternity clothes while being pregnant.

I found a solution to your maternity style & pregnancy outfit struggles! And the best part? It’s inexpensive, and means that you don’t have to buy maternity clothes! *Queue, happy dance*

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how to not wear maternity clothes

Being pregnant is financially stressful enough! When I was pregnant, I was on a mission to avoid buying maternity clothes – and it was MISSION : ACCOMPLISHED!

If you’re interested in inexpensive maternity clothes, here’s a start. Use the code “MMM100” to get a free maternity band. This is how you wear regular pants during pregnancy, for as long as possible!

The band goes over pants button area, and turns virtually any pair of pants or shorts, etc. into pregnant friendly fashion. Talk about DIY maternity clothes!

Another way to not wear maternity clothes, is buy regular shirts and tank tops a size or two up! Your bump grows so quickly, and you can even grow out of multiple size maternity clothes!

I went to my local supermarket/discount store (Target, Walmart, etc.) and bought the cheap $4 shirts in medium & large. They make such a variety of sizes, and it is TOTALLY possible to get by just doing this!

I never felt uncomfortable, or found it hard to move. But I did feel happy about all the money I saved!

Clothes that are classic for acting like maternity clothes, without actually looking like maternity clothes, is DRESSES & LEGGINGS.

Both of these items of clothing act as a comfortable, stretchy, alternative to your traditional pregnancy wardrobe.

I wore maxi dresses, stretchy dresses, and leggings almost EVERY single day during my pregnancy.


I know buying maternity clothes is part of all the excitement of finding out your pregnant, but try to hold off! Saving that extra money before the baby gets here, is really a life saver!

Hope this helps you on your pregnancy journey!



P.s. If you’re looking past pregnancy, check out these tips on dressing your baby for their arrival home from the hospital.

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