Kid Cot Fun Stop at Epcot

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When looking at your fastpasses queue, you may think that there isn’t a whole lot for you child to do at Epcot in the World showcase. Think again! The world showcase has specific designated areas for your little ones to enjoy. The Kid Cot Fun Stop at Epcot is a fun and FREE activity. You can follow along easiest with this activity, by using the map on the My Disney Experience app/ website!


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Kid Cot Fun Stop at Epcot

What is Kid Cot Fun Stop at Epcot?

This is a free activity for kids to enjoy the world showcase in Epcot at Walt Disney World. Stop by each of the countries to get a postcard with a coloring activity, as well as a sticker. There are crayons at each stop to color the activity on the back of the postcard. When receiving the postcards, the cast member will usually draw you a special image, or write a special phrase, relevant to the country you are currently in.


Where can I find Kid Cot Fun Stop at Epcot? 

You can find the stops at the following 11 countries :

  • Mexico (inside the large Aztec like building)
  • Norway (in the gift shop right after the Frozen ride) 
  • China ( in the House of good fortune gift shop, back left corner of China). 
  • Germany (the gift shop to the right of Biergarten restaurant) 
  • Italy (outdoors, on the right side of the Italy Pavillion center) 
  • America (directly in the back, to the right of the American Heritage Gallery) 
  • Japan (directly in the back, before reaching the Japanese market area) 
  • Morocco (directly in the back of the pavillion) 
  • France (all the way, and to the left, inside Impressions De France)
  • United Kingdom (at the exit of the Winnie the Pooh meet and great gift shop) 
  • Canada (HARD to find – not near the steakhouse, but down the OTHER path to the right. During food and wine festival, the area is called the “Appleseed Orchard”) 

If you complete all stops, you get a fun and special postcard stating you made it around the world showcase at Epcot.

kid cot fun stop at Epcot


Are there any additional stops during festivals? 

No. While Epcot’s international food and wine festival has additional countries in the world showcase, there are currently no additional Kid Cot Fun Stop at Epcot.


Do you have to pay to participate in this activity? 

No! That’s what makes it great! The Kid Cot Fun Stop at Epcot is a FREE activity that kids can enjoy while parents enjoy food and beverages around the world showcase. 


Hope this helps you on your journey through the World Showcase!



P.s. Knowing what toddler activities are available at Disney World can be helpful, too!

Kid Cot Fun Stop at Epcot

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