Simple DIY Dress Up Closet

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Between Christmas, and Birthdays, we have now successfully collected our very own princess wardrobe, and our little girl has been having a BLAST playing dress up. During my “after Christmas, psychotic clean up day”, I HAD to figure something out to make these dresses easily accessible for her, all while having LESS clutter. I came up with this quick, simple DIY dress up closet in the matter of minutes, and had it done within an hour, after a quick trip to Target.

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Simple DIY Dress Up Closet

Supplies for Simple DIY Dress Up Closet

  1. 3 Shelf Book Shelf
  2. Tension Rod 16″-24″
  3. Children’s Clothes Hangers (I like the colorful ones!)
Simple DIY Dress Up Closet

I looked up on Amazon how much it would cost to buy a “wardrobe” or “dress up closet” and the prices were INSANE. If you’re feeling lazy, you can get this really cute dress up closet for $80. I thought, hmmmm HARD PASS. But you’re more than welcome to help yourself, friends! BTW – this is one of the CHEAPEST ONES. How outrageous!

Assembly of Simple DIY Dress Up Closet

HOWEVER, I was feeling very motivated, and $80 was not in my budget for organization this winter. BUT, $30, and not waiting for it to ship? Yeah, I could handle that for sure. The book shelf & tension rod were just about $30 out the door and I had extra hangers at home. The actual set up of the project took me less than an hour (while wrangling a toddler) and she was OBSESSED with the outcome. To date, it’s the favorite part of her room. She loves being independent and putting the dresses on and off the hangers by herself.
First thing I did was gather the tools needed for the actual book shelf assembly. I believe I needed a hammer, and a drill. I followed the directions for the book shelf assembly step by step UNTIL it came to the actual shelving part.

Once you have the exterior set up, that’s really all you need. There’s obviously no need for shelves, because we are placing the tension rod at the top, so dresses can now hang from the rod.

Simple DIY Dress Up Closet

I did have to mess around with the tension rod a bit, to ensure it was A) tight enough, and B) high enough. I was really impressed with the quality of the cheaply priced furniture. I got mine from Target, but of course, you can pretty much get anything from Amazon these days.

I hope your princess has a new dress up closet in her life, soon!



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