The most ESSENTIAL products for sleep training your baby!

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Sleep training your baby is tough. There’s a whole 8+ week period where you are running on tears and coffee. I’ve linked the best products for sleep training your baby. You need these to get out of the “sleepless nights” rut.

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sleep training your baby


I can’t stress this one enough. You can buy the stuff on all of those “must have baby registry” lists you find on Pinterest, but seriously… 95% of those items aren’t going to help you sleep at night. When you near the moment of mental breakdown at 3 am, you’re probably gonna wanna have these products on hand.


Don’t tell me your baby hates being swaddled. They don’t. OBVIOUSLY no human being likes being forced into a blanket where they can’t move.. at first! When they’re that little they NEED to feel something similar to the womb. I understand you think this isn’t a necessity.. but it is. So, if you want to sleep anytime soon, you need to use swaddles! Swaddling saves sanity!


Literally. This is a game changer. Like 100% if you only EVER buy your baby one single product… let it be this one. Swaddle your baby in a thin swaddle, like the one mentioned above, and then add this sac over the already swaddled baby. Double swaddling. Make sure your baby is dressed in thin clothing underneath all these swaddles, you don’t want them to overheat. Double swaddling  gives babies that womb-like feeling that they so badly need. It also helps resolve the startle-reflex (moro reflex) problem, of them waking themselves up. When they are all bundled up in these swaddles, they don’t jump and wake themselves up (or feel themselves jump, at least)!

ESSENTIAL PRODUCT #3 : Simple Bassinet

Ensuring your baby has a safe place to sleep is a top priority. If you choose to co-sleep then that’s your choice of course, and I’m not knocking you for that. But if you want your baby to sleep through the night, on their own, they need their own space. This starts from day one. I know you see all of those fancy rocking bassinets everywhere, but your baby may have trouble sleeping in a crib in the future due to those bassinets. Obviously, this isn’t all cases, and some moms do just fine. For us, however.. we didn’t want to even RISK the misery of no sleep, so we gave our babe her own space! Those kinds of bassinets give your baby negative sleep associations, and a false sense of “I’m always going to be rocked and bounced to bed.”  If you follow my double swaddle method, and place your baby in a safe and simple bassinet.. you’re gonna be golden. And as an added bonus, transferring them to the crib is going to be much easier!

I hope this helps you on your sleep training journey! If your baby is older than 4 months, I have some more tips for that age group as well!



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