The Best 9 Month Old Baby Food Combinations! + FREE grocery list checklist!

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Hey friends!

We’ve officially hit the “I-don’t-want-baby-food-I-want-whatever-you-have-mom” stage, and it hit us HARD and OUT OF NOWHERE! I had to go on the mom hunt for the best 9 month old baby food combinations. One day my daughter was obsessed with her baby food, and puffs.. and now she won’t even look at them. I know.. crazy! So I was off to the grocery store almost immediately. I ventured down the aisles on the hunt for the best (and safest) 9 month old baby food combinations.

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9 month old baby food combinations


*Please be sure to talk with your pediatrician, before letting your baby try new foods!*

Here’s what a typical day of food looks like for her : <— click here, for your checklist!

P.S – You can get most of your necessary groceries SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR through Amazon Pantry. This program is my dream come true, and I cannot recommend it enough. Free shipping on eligible orders over$35 – which is VERY easy to do, when feeding a family!!

Breakfast : 9 month old baby food combinations

– Hard boiled egg (mashed/cut up)

*She isn’t extremely interested in breakfast just yet, so she only eats about 1/4 of the egg as of now. I don’t push it, because breastmilk is still her primary source of nutrition.. so if she doesn’t finish, I just nurse her a little more.


Lunch : 9 month old baby food combinations

– Mandarin orange cup (each individual orange cut in half, or thirds, depending on size)

– Turkey breast (shredded/ cut up into very small pieces)

– Gerber Puffs (she is slow fazing these out – but I still like to add a few to the mix)

*She will eat the entire cup of mandarin oranges. She is OBSESSED with them. I’m always careful with the Turkey breast, to make sure it is cut up properly. She likes feeding herself with her own hands, but will also allow me to jump in and help her out when she needs it!


Dinner : 9 month old baby food combinations

– Meatball (one full sized, mashed/ cut up)

– Rice or potatoes (small portions at a time)

*Usually, she just eats what we eat. This is just an example, but for the most part, I take whatever we have and cut it into small pieces. Chicken, steak, pork, veggies, potatoes, beans, rice, etc. Small portions at a time, and very easy-to-swallow pieces!

We are still keeping baby food pouches, and cereal snacks on hand, just in case she has some weird regression (babies, am I right?). But for now this is what’s working for us! I’m loving not stocking up on baby food as often!

As a side note, we have also started using the Munchkin Latch Transition Cup to introduce water into her diet. She’s taken to this cup greatly so far, and I’m pumped to buy more!

There you have it, friends! Make sure to download my FREE grocery list checklist to ensure you don’t miss a thing at the grocery store!

Share with your mom friends who may need some guidance!

Here, I chat more about snacks to bring with you and your baby to Disney World, enjoy!



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